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Sculptor/Painter/Mixed Media

Laura McDonald  is an artist, educator and recipient of a Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Grant.  Laura's  technique modeling clay forms, give her a distinct style that is uniquely her own.

Orlando Cuevas

Sculptor/Painter/Mixed Media

Orlando Cuevas has been exhibiting his paintings and sculptures since 1987.  The art of Orlando Cuevas resonates with paradoxes: it is at once playful and somber, nostalgic and full of foreboding, folksy and complex with political allegory.  His doll houses are haunted by ancestral ghosts, and his chess sets are armies of marauding gargoyles.

As a child, Cuevas preferred making his own toys to playing with the toys that he owned. He would break the toys apart, combining and reassembling the pieces to fashion his own unique objects......products of an unfettered and wondrously irrational imagination. The reassembling and combining of objects, (found, used, or new), with his own hand created forms, It is a technique he sill employs in his work today, save for the addition of an adult’s knowledge and sensibility.

In 1995  Cuevas received a Master’s degree in Art Education.  He has taught and lectured at the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts and Montclair State University.  Cuevas served as the Director of the Division of Cultural Affairs for the City of Jersey City for 3 years. He currently teaches art in Jersey City.

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Studio 357 is a small exhibition space in the home/studio of husband and wife team Laura McDonald and Orlando Cuevas. The hope is too showcase our work along side other artist who's work we love.

We are located at:

357 Palisade Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey 07307.

Telephone number - 201-993-5916

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